:: TOOTH GEMS :: Albuquerque, New Mexico ::

Alaska has been the certified TOOTH GEMS (TM) provider of the South West since 2011! 

Add a bit of bling to your smile! Tooth gems are a fancy fashion statement for gals and guys. They are semi-permanent, and can be a bold statement or a subtle glimmer for as long as you want.

:: TOOTH GEMS FAQ :: Know Thy Bling::

What Are Tooth Gems? Tooth Gems are dental-grade Swarovski crystals that are adhered to the outside of the tooth. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and arrangements.

Does It Hurt? No. Application is painless. There is NO drilling or harm to the tooth.

How Long Do They Last? Client results vary, depending on home care, diet, and body chemistry. On average, most gems stay adhered for approximately 2-10 months, and can even last years!

How Much Do They Cost? Options for a single gem start at 35$. Discounts are available for multiple gems on the same client during the same appointment.

How Long Does The Process Take? Most clients are in-and-out in under 15 minutes and only need one appointment! The longest part of the process is usually deciding what you want.

Can I Still Brush My Teeth? With Tooth Gems, you can still brush & floss like you normally would. You can have regular teeth cleanings as well. We will discuss proper home care at your appointment.

How do I Make an Appointment? Please fill out online request  (Click here)

What If I Don't Want Them Anymore? If you are unsatisfied in anyway with your gems, I will remove them for free. removal is quick, and can be done by myself or at any dental Office.