Coyote Prism: Organic & Electric Art Symbiosis

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:: South West Design and Sacred Geometry Principles Fuel This New Mexico Based Project::

Electric color illuminates organic circuitry all around you. Southwestern tribal shapes and structures channel the primitive, fused with neoteric symmetry and technology creating a clear vision of the eloquent connection between ancient and modern. One gains such a sense of synergy between past, present and Earth. And when you feel the evening's first robust bass drop fill your being, you've arrived at the experience that is Coyote Prism. 

The artists forming this brilliant collective use their hands, hearts, and talents to create an intricately modern, yet effortlessly natural setting, and bring it to life with music, dance, art and resplendent love. For over ten years they have devoted their talents to organizing art and music events, creating stage lighting and design using sustainable southwestern materials, such as latillas and octolillo, and creating ritualistic festival environments that include sacred spaces, altar arrangements and art galleries.

With a mission to embrace connected, holistic and innovative principles, promoting the concept that art, music and actions can all work together to embellish and evolve consciousness within their own community, these visionaries take us on a journey into what it means to be connected to ourselves, and to our sacred domain- the world as it truly is when seen through enlightened eyes. 


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