Alaska Prism (Piper) Performer Biography

Sacred spirals, powerful movements, graceful steps, and flying leaps, are all part of Alaska Prism's repertoire as she unfolds swagger, feathers and magic on stage. Hailing from the deserts of New Mexico, she wields Hoop, Fan, Fire, Fabric, and Dance vocabulary with stellar intention towards her life-long Movement Arts mission of universal light and love.

Since childhood, Alaska has been fascinated with Dance, Circus life, and the vast array of Performance Art. “Every day is a new learning experience, and we are eternal students”, admits Alaska, a busy dancer and Movement Artist, who loves to learn; In addition to her studies of Ballet, Middle Eastern, and Modern Dance, Alaska avidly practices Hoop dance and manipulation, double Fan performance, Fire dancing, and incorporates these props to create a fanciful fusion of creativity! Her fluid moves and innovative ideas paint the stage wherever she goes, often including eclectic inspiration—from Vaudvillian show-stoppers to Classical Ballet technique—into her unique performance. She is also a member of The Ritzy Rouge Hoop Troupe, and the pioneer of a new arena of Hoop Dance—Hooping Improvisational Tribal Style (HITS), which fuses and incorporates aspects of Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) Belly Dance and Hula Hooping to create a fresh, fun, and energizing menagerie of live group performance art!

Alaska is a very active member of the Performance and Art community in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she lives full time! She assists organizing events, coordinating performances and stays involved in an assortment of community outreach programs. When she is not learning new performance techniques, Alaska keeps outrageously busy teaching college science courses, working on late-night sewing and costuming missions, constructing hoops for community programs, crafting for her at-home-business, and working her other ten-million jobs! In 2008, Alaska founded the Roustabout Circus Collective, which now is home to many talented movement, music, and craft artists. It has been Alaska’s longtime mission to push "Movement Arts" into a respected Performance Art that is appreciated by all. “Every movement we do has meaning and intention;” Says Alaska, “Through movement and dance we can create a fascinating, non-permanent, fluid Art that words cannot describe and even the craftiest photographer cannot fully capture! You can’t take our "Art" home and hang it on a wall; you carry its fleeting fire, whirling spirals, shimmering sparkles, and galloping feet in your heart with you always.”

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